The Obilab drumkit is ethical, portable and easy to assemble

The Obilab drumkit is an ethical instrument that solves the five problems of drumming.


Created by a startup co-founded by Spain-based Patrick Obadia, Caroline Cullière, Victor D'Halluin, Obilab hopes to make spread the practice of music with its first drumkit. While aspiring musicians can look to traditional instruments and more high-tech options, Obilab wanted to create a system that could appeal to pros, newbies and amateurs at the same time.

“Drums are well known for being expensive, loud, inconvenient, long to assemble and almost impossible to carry around, for those exact reasons, drum teachers encourage students to make their own, homemade, drumset. That is why we created the drumkit,” says the company.

Obilab music

Cardboard has a bad reputation, so the designers opted to use fibreglass as a drumskin, making it more durable. “We are creating a new market in order to combat the idea that a ‘real musical instrument’ is something that looks a certain way and costs a certain price,” wrote the designers. “We will also develop tutorials to make music a fun experience rather than a difficult process.”