New wearable panic button

Wearsafe is a safety device and app designed to instantly alert and connect your friends or family in an emergency.

As its name suggests, new Connecticut-based startup Wearsafe develops wearable safety products. Later this year, it will launch the Wearsafe Tag and app designed to connect a wearer to a selected network of family or friends with a single push of a button.

When activated, the small clip-on, low-energy device is able to silently send out an alert via Bluetooth when it’s within 200 feet of the paired smartphone. At this point, friends and family within a user’s chosen network will instantly receive a text, email and screen notification alerting them of the alarm’s activation. 

Through the Wearsafe app, a private group chat is then started so that everyone included in the network can communicate with each other regarding the location of the user. The network can monitor where a user is via GPS tracking, hear audio from the location through live sound streaming and if needed, call emergency services straight from the app. The emergency service will have instant access to the user’s location, audio data and medical profile.

At the same time, the user is offered reassurance through the device’s tactile confirmation system, which enables the transmission of silent vibrations every time someone responds to the alert.

Wearsafe’s main security advisor and former US Secret Service agent, Rich Starpoli is aware of the alarming sexual assault statistics in the US, and believes that the distribution of Wearsafe devices alone will act as a deterrent for offenders. Co-founder Phill Giancarlo trusts that “the Wearsafe Tag will change how we connect and how we stay safe”.

The Wearsafe app is currently only compatible with iPhones but will be available for Android in September 2015.