New jewellery exhibitors at Design Indaba Expo 2015

A host of new jewellers will showcase their work at Design Indaba Expo 2015. Here are five new designers who use their materials in distinctive ways.

These five jewellery brands, all new at the next Design Indaba Expo (26 February-1 March), each have distinctive aesthetics. Combining laser-cut wood with multi-coloured cross-stitch designs, Tarien Engelbrecht creates unique pieces for her label, Alchemy Loop. Inspired by nature, Michelle Walker designs interesting, feminine pieces for Muchi Galoosh Jewellery. Artist Sharon Boonzaier and jeweller Claire Sandham collaborate on a whimsical range for Reverie Designs. Efflairesce brings its unique design flair to a range made with precious and semi-precious metals and gems, while Shelley Taylor Designs' pieces exemplify exquisite detailing. 

Reverie Designs

Reverie Designs is a collaboration between jeweller Claire Sandham and artist Sharon Boonzaier. Their jewellery range is an artistic reflection on the stories and memories that inspire them, resulting in a whimsical range of pieces, such as this silver necklace with dancing figures.

Muchi Galoosh

Muchi Galoosh Jewellery is designed and manufactured by Michelle Walker. Finding inspiration in nature, Walker’s pieces are sometimes delicate, sometimes bold, but always feminine. The range includes earrings, necklaces and rings in precious metals with gems, such as this cultured pearl and amazonite ring in sterling silver and yellow gold.


Efflairesce is a Cape Town-based jewellery design company that creates handmade pieces that speak of femininity. The collection is made predominantly with precious and semi-precious metals and gems and is inspired by the extravagance of the natural world, such as these gem-studded botanical earrings.

Shelley Taylor Designs

Shelley Taylor, owner of Roshell Designs, is launching her eponymous jewellery brand at Design Indaba Expo 2015. Inspired by the materials and stones she has come across while travelling, Taylor has created a vibrant range that features precious stones, beads and other eye-catching details.

Alchemy Loop

Inspired by origami and geometric, abstract patterns, Tarien Engelbrecht creates eye-catching cross-stitched jewellery pieces for Alchemy Loop. These meticulously handmade necklaces and brooches are created using laser-cut wood and 100% cotton string in bright colour combinations.