Mythical hand

Religious, mythical and folklore symbols come together on Stephan Doitschinoff's recent work: a life-size hand sculpture.
Posted 27 Sep 12 By Design Indaba Craft Creative Work / Design News Comments

Brazilian artist Stephan Doitschinoff’s work is inspired by folk art traditions and religious symbols. His latest creation “Claridade”, in collaboration with Case Studyo, is no different.

“Claridade”, meaning clarity, is a real-size hand made out of white porcelain and inscribed with religious, mythical and folklore symbols in gold litho. The hand’s fingernails spell out the Latin word for tomorrow, "CRAS", alluding to a series of artworks Doitschinoff has been working on recently.

The limited edition of 25 sculptures are packaged in a silkscreen wooden box containing a signed and numbered certificate by Doitschinoff.

“Claridade” looks at how symbols shape a common identity as well as grouping Doitschinoff’s recent work into a single memorable collection of sculptures.

For more of Doitschinoff's work, see our video interview with him at the 2012 What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam.