Mogees can turn anything into a musical instrument

Mogees, the latest in interactive surface technology and design, creates music with just a small device and your phone.

Mogees is the invention of music technology researcher and drummer Bruno Zamborlin, who is interested in gesture-based interaction with everyday objects. He created Mogees to contribute a freestyle, performance element to the production of electronic music and to open up new possibilities in the realm of musical software.

The Mogees design is comprised of a high quality contact microphone sensor and a companion app. The sensor, which can be stuck onto any surface or object, plugs into a smartphone and captures sound via the Mogees app. The device turns anything into an interface by recording audio frequency vibrations in real-time so that tapping on a tree or running a stick along a fence creates sound just as strumming a guitar or playing the drums creates sound.

Through the app, a user is able to customise the improvised instrument by recording the different sounds created from using different gestures such as striking, tapping, brushing. Mogees is especially useful for music producers, performers or DJs who can synchronise their Mogees with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology to combine existing tracks with a live Mogees performance.