Modern art that celebrates the African heritage

Travel and experiences in Africa gave French artist Doline Legrand Diop an artistic mission.

African patterns, shapes, colours and symbols have been adopted in the work of french visual artist and paint performer Doline Legrand Diop. In her art she represents the modern and progressive Africa that she experienced over the past years. Legrand’s art is a testimony to an Africa that moves along with the times, accommodating its heritage in the modern times.

In 2009 Diop’s work took her to Dakar, Senegal, where she met and worked with local artist who guided her through the cultural heritage of African patterns and life. Inspired by the beauty of Africa, she creates art that aims to share the emotions Africa offered to her, break stereotypes and display a modern Africa that is responsible for its tradition. Her work is created and transported through her brand  “Design by do” a concept of fashion, decoration, graphic design and painting.

Diop’s work revolves around portraits, masks and bright traditional background. “My work points out a special atmosphere between the old and contemporary, the greatest mission is to inform people outside African borders about a modern Africa. A reflection of time, space, identity and culture,” she said.

According to Diop, she is determined to share, speak and address the “other” people who are rich in heritage and embrace it fearlessly but often misunderstood by the rest of the world.