Miniature art scenes inspired by film

This artist forgets about time when she creates her painstakingly detailed dioramas.

Mar Cerdà, a Barcelona-based artist quickly gets lost in time and space while working on one of her dioramas. The time spent to construct a miniature scene is unimportant she says, and often she completely forgets about the clock. Forgetting to eat or what time it is while creating dioramas is commonplace, Cerdà, told the Guardian online.

With a history in film, Cerdà, uses watercolours to paint her meticulously cut out pieces of paper and cardboard, sticking them together to bring the three-dimensional scene in her head to life.

She specialised in art direction whilst working in film, which kindled her fascination with scenography. Cerdà says she “firmly believes that characters can be defined by space if the character is not present at all.”

As a lover of Wes Anderson’s films, her most popular dioramas include scenes from his iconic films.

These dioramas include painstaking details such as stamps on the letters in the concierge in The Grand Budapest Hotel and even the details on the luggage from The Darjeeling Limited.

Her latest creation includes a tribute to the film Zoolander at the Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking Art Show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.