Mimicking meat

Looking and tasting like meat, Beyond Meat™ offers plant protein as an authentic meat alternative with the same nutritional value but at a lower cost.

From the Series

Imagine you could enjoy the taste of meat without worrying about trans fats, cholesterol and the impact of a meat-rich diet on the environment.

Beyond Meat™ seeks to do exactly this with their range of meat-free products that look and taste like meat. Made from a blend of soy and pea protein, flours and fibre, Beyond Meat™ replaces animal protein with plant protein in a process that ensures the same nutritional value of meat at a lower cost.

The initiative of Ethan Brown and the result of years of research, Beyond Meat™ uses a proprietary process that organizes plant proteins into near-perfect replicas of meat.

Beyond Meat™ can be prepared and enjoyed just like “real” meat. Think grill, sauté, barbeque… and it works as the perfect accompaniment to salads, pastas, wraps, sandwiches and more. Containing zero traces of gluten, dairy or genetically modified organisism, it’s 100% vegan! 

Beyond Meat™ is a finalist in the Play category of the INDEX: Award 2013

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