Mike Bagale's Medicinal Soup recipe

The Michelin-starred chef shares his exclusive Medicinal Soup recipe

Medicinal Soup

1 whole organic chicken

6 qts of cold water

200 grams shiitake mushrooms

40 grams cordyceps

10 grams reishi powder

200 grams sliced onion

200 grams thinly sliced ginger

200 grams celery.

100 grams garlic

25 grams wolf berry (goji)

25 grams Chinese red dates

10 grams dried Angelica root

25 gram ginseng root

1 large piece of dried kombu

5 grams ceylon cinnamon

METHOD: Rinse the chicken and remove entrails and reserve for another use. Combine the chicken, cold water, and all ingredients in a large pot. Cover with lid and place on medium low heat, just until the stock begins to bubble. Skim off any impurities from the surface of the liquid, and reduce heat to very low, and cook at barely a simmer for 4- 5 hours. Remove from heat and allow to rest for 30 minutes before removing the chicken carcasse. Once removed, carefully pull all meat from the bone, lightly shredding as you do so. Discard the bones and the skin.

To finish, season to taste with:

Soy sauce

Apple cider vinegar

toasted Black pepper

toasted Sichuan peppercorn

Himalayan pink salt

greens (kale, spinach, boy chow)

herbs (parsley, kale, shiso)

MCT oil

Avocado dice

METHOD: Season the broth to taste with salt, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, and toasted crushed peppercorns. 

TO SERVE: Fill a bowl with a bit of shredded chicken, a couple pieces of diced avocado, the fresh greens and herbs, and a spoonful of MCT oil. Finally bring the seasoned soup to a boil again, and pour over the garnishes. Serve immediately.