Michael Moore’s Trump resistance calendar for all anti-Trump events

Filmmaker Michael Moore created a Trump resistance calendar to track anti-Trump protests.
Resistance calendar  homepage

Filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore launched a Trump resistance calendar that serves as a guide for all those who want to challenge Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States. The free calendar helps users keep track of upcoming events every day and even allows users to add their own events, making it ideal for marginal groups to mobilise.

“It’s the only way we can beat him and lessen the damage he’s doing. Our goal is his removal from office and the defeat of any politician who is not with us,” Moore explained on his Facebook page.

This isn’t the only protest action from a public figure. Another Trump resistance project came from actor Shia LaBeouf who is running a four-year anti-trump exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. The installation consists of a white wall with the words “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” written on it and a camera underneath the words. The public can participate in the installation by saying the words into the camera, which streams live.

LaBeouf’s New York exhibition was shut down and has since been relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The calendar is already live. Check it out here.