anOtherArchitect’s Hedronics chair is based on the mathematical polyhedron concept.

Based on a simple mathematical solid shape called a polyhedron, the Hedronics chair by Berlin-based anOtherArchitect sees an entire chair produced from a single piece of folded stainless steel.

A polyhedron is a geometric solid in three dimensions with flat faces and straight edges. The origami-like folding form of the Hedronics chair creates the impression of a very light paper chair, though it is made in white stainless steel. The different holes that form part of the pattern of the chair help to reduce the weight of the object, while also working to make it appear more transparent.

Hedronics was developed for the ArchMoscow exhibition where anOtherArchitect won the Best Design Object award for the chair. The chair was manufactured by Russian company Nayada.