Market snapshots

Dave Southwood's latest collection of photographs captures the intricacies of the legendary Milnerton Market.
Posted 18 Nov 10 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Markets are curious spaces. It will tell you more about a community than the local newspaper does.

The Milnerton Market is a well-known space for selling all kinds of knick knacks. On Saturday and Sunday mornings one can expect to find anything from vacuum cleaners to CDs, books, clothes, ornaments, furniture and baby chairs.

And then there are the market people, an eclectic denomination of their own. For the past decade Dave Southwood has been capturing the nuances of the Milnerton Market. By both participating and observing, he has amassed a collection of images that “reflect the chaotic complexity of personalities, conversations and objects, which comprise this quirky institution”.

Southwood’s photographic essay Milnerton Market presents 100 photograhs and will be exhibited at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town until 10 December 2010. At the same time, a publication documenting Southwood’s work of the Milnerton market will also be released.