Maarten Baas launches iPhone app at Milan 2010

Maarten Baas introduces the Analog Digital Clock as one-dollar iPhone app at the 2010 Milan Furniture Fair.

Maarten Baas is known for surprising audiences with his unpredictable concepts and designs that challenge the conventions of design. And he’s doing it again at the Milan Furniture Fair.

Instead of introducing a new collection in Milan this year, Baas has developed his “Analog Digital Clock” into an iPhone application. And it’s available for only one dollar.

Quality and authenticity are key features in Baas’s work and that’s why they tend to become museum pieces rather than mass products. “The Analog Digital Clock as an iPhone app is exactly how it should be, yet this product only needs to cost one dollar,” he says.

The Analog Digital Clock is part of Baas’s Real Time collection. Actors are filmed for 12 hours while indicating the time and the film then functions as a clock. The app is a new take on the old-school alarm clock, even though an actor manually changes the number every minute.