Lyfe: A levitating planter

The Swedish design team at Flyte introduce us to the future of planting with zero gravity plants.

Lyfe is an innovative zero gravity system that cultivates plants in mid air. Using magnetic levitation, the plant hovers and gently rotates above an oak base as it exudes “Nordic elegance and minimalism”.

The Swedish design team Flyte have been studying the earth’s magnetic field for more than a year, and have discovered that it has an immense impact on growing life forms. Studies have shown that magnetic fields are proven to accelerate the growth of many fruits and enhance plant metabolisms.

Lyfe rotating planter

The pots rotate in mid-air, giving the plants 360-degree exposure to the sunlight, important for countries like Sweden where the winter is long and dark, and the particular type of air plants in this product actually thrive off nutrients they absorb from the air through their leaves – aided by the rotating movement. The angular pots also reflect light as they move.

In addition to a tactile silicon surface, the Flyte team engineered a hidden inner reservoir for drainage, to prevent over watering and maximise airflow.

Lyfe rotating planter

According to a study on clean air by NASA, “placing one plant for every nine square meters in an office or home increases air quality, filters toxins and decreases stress levels.” 

The Lyfe project is currently on Kickstarter, where they are gathering funds through crowdsourcing.