Luxurious paradise

Using richly coloured wood, leather and velvet, Studioilse transforms a 100-year-old building into a luxurious boutique hotel.

The essence of true elegance and luxury is realised in Ilse Crawford’s conversion of a 100-year-old building into a stylish boutique hotel.

Using richly coloured wood, leather and velvet, Ilse Crawford of Studioilse has transformed the 100-year-old Ett Hem building, situated in Stockholm, into a luxurious paradise.

Originally built in 1910, the now Ett Hem Hotel served as the home for a Swedish government official and his wife. Today the building serves as a hotel comprising six guest suites, five double bedrooms and one duplex suite.

Studioilse have kept the building’s original timber-panelled walls and decorative ceilings intact throughout the renovation process. New additions to the building include a series of communal rooms where guests are encouraged to relax around one another and enjoy each other’s company, as well as a library and conservatory.

The idea is a comfortable cultured house you can enjoy as if it is a friend’s, where you can sit in the kitchen, have a drink in the sitting room, pick up a book in the library or snuggle down by the fireplace, says Crawford.

Each room in the boutique hotel comes with a mixture of vintage and modern furniture pieces, as well as a cocktail cabinet. Walls are decorated with art and photography revealing an allure of olden-day riches, while telling real stories and histories that frame moments in life.

Some of Crawford’s own furniture designs are scattered around the hotel encouraging guests to value and find pleasure in beautifully designed creations. 

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