Luscious lace

Tord Boontje’s latest collection of lace-inspired products is a gorgeous reassessment of the possibilities of this technique.

Sensual, seductive… There’s something very beautiful about lace. And Tord Boontje’s unique interpretation of it makes you want to fall in love.

Boontje’s lastest exhibition, The Lacemaker, is an exploration of the possibilities of lace. The exhibition is on at the Marsden Woo Gallery in London until 31 July 2010.

The collection of work examines what happens when the conventional uses for lace are repurposed. Boontje explains that the most of the value of lace lies in the labour and argues that it would be a good idea to work with cheaper materials, because by changing the materials you are also changing the reference.

Using low-tech materials and employing traditional craft skills, the Lacemaker collection includes lighting, furniture and fashion. This work was inspired by Boontje’s work at the Design Centre at the University of Philadelphia, where he presented work in response to their Quaker Lace Company.

Other works in the Lacemaker collection include a three-dimensional, web-like black sofa, made of bound and knotted aramide and dynema fibres. There are also randomly patterned curtains and hanging lights made from natural raffia. Smaller, more delicate works in lace include necklaces and hairpieces.

Watch the Talk with Tord Boontje