Lungile Mbokane: An emerging graphic artist telling stories through his work

Johannesburg artist, Lungile Mbokane, speaks about his work and creative process.

Lungile Mbokane is a Johannesburg-born graphic design artist making his way onto the local art scene. His style is multifaceted: he can adapt to both graphic design and fine art processes. By combining the two, his work is constantly adapting and evolving allowing him to take risks with his creativity, “I am never comfortable with one set of style when I design. I love to always explore.”

Mbokane works closely with different materials and textures, “My creative process mostly comes from different things that I see around me.” Although he divides his time between his commercial job and creating art, he says, “in my opinion there isn't much of a difference, because both atmospheres require creativity to function.”

Of working in Johannesburg, he says “the city is filled with constructive competition from other artists who also strive to achieve their best.” However, besides other African artists such as Sindiso Nyoni, his parents are his greatest inspiration.       

As an emerging artist, Mbokane hopes that his work portrays the feeling of being understood and appreciated, which he gets through sharing his work with others. He leaves interpretation open to his audience, since his sole intention is to be able to “tell stories as a young proud African creative.”