Luna Light

Light up your workspace with the environmentally friendly, and rather funky, Luna Light by Kraftisan.

Part of the Project

Efficient, environmentally friendly and aesthetically interesting, the Luna Light by Kraftisan not only sheds light on your workspace but also adds a touch of craftsmanship to an interior.

The second offering by Lucas R Adams’s Cape Town-based studio, Kraftisan, the Luna Light was officially launched at Design Indaba Expo 2012 where Adams was one of the Emerging Creatives.

Describing the Luna Light as a “space-saving organisational tool”, the pieces resonated particularly well with visitors to the Expo and sold out of the first day!

The Luna Light is made from Birch plywood and assembled by the hand. The piece is fully adjustable and rotational and can easily be fixed down to most surfaces by self-adhesive Velcro feet.

Adams is committed to ensuring that the construction and manufacturing of the Luna Light remains as environmentally friendly as possible and, as such, does not use any adhesive in the assembling process. The luminaire is made from high quality paper with the light source being an energy saving, 11 watt bulb.