For the love of paper

Yulia Brodskaya's love of paper inspires her to transform the material into elaborate 3-D artworks that shed a new light on the possibilities of paper craft.

Fine artist Yulia Brodskaya has married her passions for typography, paper, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects to create intricate three-dimensional artworks whose forms play with angles and light in a way that takes paper craft to a whole new level.

Born in Moscow, Brodskaya moved to the UK in 2006 and completed an MA in Graphic Communication (2006, University of Hertfordshire). She soon earned a reputation for her innovative paper illustrations and continues to create beautifully detailed paper designs for clients all around the world.

Brodskaya’s creations utilise a technique called quilling, which involves rolling strips of paper and then shaping and gluing them to the background. While it is time consuming, to Brodskaya, the process is integral to her craft. She explains:

In this laborious work the process has also become important: in my opinion, spending endless hours and days on a piece of work gives the suggestion of great care; not in vain, the notion of 'care' is implied in the word 'to craft' itself.

Brodskaya uses her personalised technique to create both fine art and commercial work. Some of her clients include Cadbury and Penguin Books.

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