Looking to the past

"The Weather Yesterday", an installation by Troika, considers our fascination with progress and making conversation about the weather.

Troika’s “The Weather Yesterday” installation for the London Festival of Architecture 2012 challenges the modern preoccupation with progress by changing the focus from “forecast” to “past”.

Commissioned by RIBA, the five metre-high sculpture uses the weather, as a dominant topic of conversation in British culture, and takes an ironic approach to “the urgency with which we are using our mobile devices, forecasting and interactive technology”.

Rather than focussing on what the weather will be like in the near future, Troika’s installation illustrates what the weather was in the recent past – thus “The Weather Yesterday”.

The Weather Yesterday is made of aluminium, acyclic, LEDs and custom electronics, and can be seen until 9 September 2012.

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