London lookout

On your next visit to London, why not consider staying in a boat above the Thames River?

From the Series

A Room for London is Living Architecture’s latest experiment.

The one-bedroom installation is a “boat” perched on the edge of the Queen Elizabeth hall at the Southbank Centre above the Thames.

Designed by David Kohn Architects together with artist Fiona Banner, A Room for London is meant as a place of refuge and reflection for guests. Located amidst the flow of traffic and the buzz of the city, the room offers an alternative form of accommodation.

Both the upper and lower decks of the “boat” offer great views of London by day and nights. The interior is gorgeously crafted in timber with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. And there’s no need to forsake one’s creature comforts in this room as it has everything a good hotel does, including a sauna.

Upon arrival guests receive a nautical flag which to raise to signal their presence. Before departing guests can sign in the logbook in the “bridge” of the boat. Here they may detail their experience on the boat.

A Room for London will stay on the roof throughout 2012 after which it will resume it journey and settle in another part of the capital.

Living Architecture is a social enterprise project that aims to make modern architecture, in the form of holiday rentals, more accessible in the UK.