Local collection at London2011

Maxim Velčovský's "Local Collection" of vessels at the London Design Festival is inspired by the local identities of his native Czech Republic.
Posted 22 Sep 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

In response to the recent shut down of the Czech Republic’s oldest porcelain workshop Maxim Velčovský created a series of porcelain vessels inspired by local identities.

The result is “Local Collection” that is on show at the Mint Gallery in London during the London Design Festival. The work forms part of the gallery’s “Mint Explores” exhibition.

Velčovský looked at the local industries in his native country and sought ways of working with the materials that one would find in you immediate neigbourhood.

Local collection is a body of work in which the material and the process of creating the object happen in the context of a place and time that makes the designs more authentic.

One of the building materials Velčovský used for this collection was partially-finished products for the manufacturing of pipes. This contributed to transformative nature of “Local Collection”, which see various parts morphed in a way that allow for a new function.

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