Living spaces

Andrew Tshabangu’s photographic work is an exploration of the way that people inhabit their living spaces.
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Kisumu Ndogo, 2009.
Kisumu Ndogo, 2009.

An exploration of interior and exterior spaces, the photographic work of Andrew Tshabangu is a reflection of his fascination with photographing the interior spaces where the living inhabitants are not physically present.

Gallery Momo in Johannesburg presents Kibira Nimoja, an exhibition of Tshabangu’s work, opening tonight and running until 22 August 2011.

Tshabangu photographed this collection of work in Kibira, an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya. Here he was struck by how the small exterior spaces are able to support a very dense population. Tshabangu’s work also considers how the one-room homes in informal settlements are still able to convey so much about the people that inhabit them. He says: “The arrangement of personal possessions in a room is reflective of the personality of its resident. Each room has a historical context, chronicling the lives of the people that interact daily in those spaces.”

Mitumba, 2009

Home, 2009.