Liquid-like: Ross Lovegrove's "Lasvit Liquidkristal"

Ross Lovegrove's "Lasvit Liquidkristal" installation bridges the divide between glass manufacturing design, and architecture.

“Lasvit Liquidkristal” was the name of an installation pavilion at the 2012 Milan Design Week by Ross Lovegrove for Czech Republic glass manufacturer Lasvit.

The pavilion comprised three forms, each measuring 55 metres in diameter and 14 metres in length, with each wall surface composed on 24 freestanding crystal panels, which measuring in at a total of 262 metres.

The latest offering from Lasvit’s Glass Architecture Division, Lasvit Liquidkristal showcased a unique new thermal transfer technique, while also working to bridge the divide between glass manufacturing and architecture. As such, Lovegrove’s design is useful as a crystal partition or screen, and as insulated glass units for interior facades.

Liquidkristal is the result of an innovative process that Lovegrove defines as “high precision heat transfer.”

Lovegrove worked with Lasvit for more than a year to create the mobile, changing surfaces, inspired by the fluid, organic forms found in nature. The company deployed its most advanced technology to produce the transparent, undulating crystal panels, which appear dynamic, changing, capable of transmuting their shapes in a futuristic kaleidoscope.