Lines matter at London2011

David Chipperfield's installation at the London Design Festival is one of the key features at the event.

Size + Matter at the Southbank Centre is one of the key installations at the London Design Festival. It is the result of pairing a architect with a material or manufacturing process, in this case David Chipperfield.

Tasked with exploring the dynamic between his own creativity and the material or process Chipperfield came up with Two Lines.

Chipperfield worked with structural engineers and glass specialists from Arup to create a composition Two Lines, using Sefar Architecture Vision fabric.

Two Lines sees a metal-coated fabric mesh, black on the side and metallic on the other side, placed between two sheets of glass. This gives the panels of the installation a translucent and reflective look.

The metal-coated fabric mesh, black on one side and metallic on the other, is layered between two sheets of glass and gives the installation's panels both translucent and reflective qualities.

With Two Lines Chipperfield established a sculptural dialogue between two identical forms, they’re only different in the way of their orientation and aluminium and copper finished. Each of the forms is made up of unframed laminated glass panels without coloured stainless steel connections to match.