Light in weight

Tord Boontje uses bamboo, paper shades and rocks to create lamps that resemble a traditional Japanese garden, while highlighting material issues.

Tord Boontje has designed a lighting collection that addresses, and limits, the issue around importing and exporting materials when developing projects.

Resembling a traditional Japanese garden, Boontje used bamboo, paper banners and rocks to create his “Lightweight” collection.

The name itself mirrors the designer’s desire to create a product that introduces an alternative approach to shipping heavy materials around the world. Each lamp and all its parts are sourced from areas in the United Kingdom and are further assembled in the same area. Through this, Boontje successfully demonstrates that culturally inspired pieces do not have to originate from their resident land.

“Lightweight” consists of a desk light, a hanging light and a floor light. The desk light is fully adjustable in rotation angles, as well as in height. The hanging light is inspired by photography studio lights and can be seen in its lampshade design. The floor light comes in three varieties. It is beautified with blossom drawings that are printed onto its Tyvek paper banner shade.

 “Lightweight” was launched as part of the Squirrel’s Electro Garden Party and is available exclusively at the Studio Tord Boontje shop in London.

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