Laye Samb moves minds through illustration

Senegalese artist Laye Samb takes a satirical and sometimes dark look at everyday life in Africa.

For Senegalese illustrator Laye Samb drawing is like food. “It’s imperative for me whether I’m conscious or unconscious about it,” he explains. His work, a vocation passed down through the generations in his family, speaks to everyday life in Senegal and takes a satirical and sometimes dark look at issues like politics, urbanisation, religion, love, and hate.

“The mentally ill, the comic and shocking scenes which we do not always pay attention to every day, the gloomy face of politics in the world in general and Africa,” explains Samb.

Of his process, Samb says inspiration strikes at any time and he immediately gets it down on paper. “Illustration is the best way to express, to state a fact or a rant as it is accessible to a wide audience,” says Samb. “It’s authentic.”

In the future, Samb aims to expand his works to include sculpture and digital art.