A Heath Nash chair design that you can make at home.

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Lauren Fowler

An illustrator, knitter, singer, graphic designer, blogger and thing maker, Lauren Fowler is more likely to be found cross-stitching sardonic truisms than fitting neatly into any boxes. Although having completed a BA in visual communications at the AAA School of Advertising, Fowler is one of a generation who brings ingenuity to whatever she touches. Living the independent life of the creative class, she is renowned among hipsters for her Scarflett O'Harra mini scarves, intricate handdrawn illustrations and evocatively demure folk songs. Website: www.laurenfowler.co.za and http://lostisaplacetoo.blogspot.com

Heath Nash

Widely renowned for his “Other People’s Rubbish” range of lampshades, Heath Nash has become iconic of a generation of South African designers who find modern applications for indigenous manufacturing methods. More than simply boasting a fine art degree in sculpture from Michaelis in Cape Town, Nash has always just loved making things. Since childhood, when he began transforming flat sheets of paper into three-dimensional origami models, he has always been inspired by simply playing and experimenting with materials through a process of trial and error. Website: www.heathnash.com

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