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Alessi's new collection of kitchenware looks at elegance and sophistication for the modern kitchen.

With a focus on contemporary American product design, a collaboration between renowned designers and internationally recognised cooks sees a modern and sophisticated collection for Alessi.

The Alessi Autumn/Winter 2012 collection looks to the creation of new designs that allow a unique sensory experience in the presentation of food. The collection comprises of new designs as well as the reworking of existing designs to reveal an elegant and modern take on kitchenware.

Marcel Wanders, a long-term collaborator with Alessi, took inspiration from the circus and designed an amusing folding cake stand for the collection. Resembling a clown and the caricature of the designer, “Fatman” adds an element of colour and personality into any kitchen. For the first time, the company has added colour to a stainless steel product to enhance its aesthetic appearance and draw attention to its comic presence in the kitchen. Wanders’ set of unique pots and pans titled “Dressed” is also part of the Alessi Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. 

Known for their sophisticated and delicate designs, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec add elegant kitchenware creations. The brothers revised their “Ovale” table service, which was launched in 2010 by adding two new colour versions. Now in pink and light grey, the items bring a soft and subtle component into plates and bowls. The Bouroullec brothers further designed a complete cutlery set to further strengthen and enhance the “Ovale” table service assortment. 

One of the very first designs done for Alessi in 1998 by Jasper Morrison is now available in two new versions. The “Op-la” table is a versatile, simple and elegant piece of furniture that quickly turns into a tray when necessary. The table/tray is now offered in blue and grey.

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