Johannesburg designer brings boomboxes back into the future

His unconventional portable boomboxes make it simple for those who are nostalgic for boomboxes but also appreciate slick design.

It was while listening to his iPod, several years ago, that Tshepo Sedumo first started thinking about making portable boomboxes. He says he wanted speakers with which to listen to the iPod, and since he could not afford them, he decided to design his own range.

This is how the portable, slick and colourful Grove Audio boomboxes were born. Describing himself as a “DIY type of person”, he started experimenting with different material, wood and colour finishes until he settled on the current look. It was not until people starting enquiring about the boomboxes and requesting orders that he started taking it seriously.

“In the beginning, it never occurred to me that I could sell any of my creations. I just liked to impress people with my work, to be honest. It was fun and I was good at it, that’s where it ended for me," says Sedumo.

Today, Grove Audio has introduced three ranges: the G-Series, S-Series and R-Series. Sedumo says that he sources the majority of his material locally, with the exception of specialised electronic components which he ships from overseas. He says he takes particular care in selecting the wood grain because of its acoustic properties which are vital to the sound quality of his boomboxes. For this reason, he doesn’t order wood online as he prefers to do a self-inspection before purchasing.

By using the Bluetooth technology, users can connect their smartphones to the device.

Find out more on Sedumo's website.