Israeli student designs medieval-style chainmail for urban wearers

Bezalel Academy graduate Nitzan Kish is using 3D printing to make clothes that protect women from sexual assault in urban centres.

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design student Nitzan Kish has designed Me, Myself & I, a range of clothes created to protect women wearers from dangers in urban environments.

“One out of three women suffers a sexual assault and approximately 80 per cent of women in Israel live in constant fear from sexual assault.  One out of every four women in Israel suffers an attempted rape,’ Nitzan says.

When necessary, the garments, which are designed and 3D printed with self-defence and urban survival in mind, can be turn into weapons such as ropes, back and elbow spikes and a cable tie bracelet

The garments, which are modular and interlock at the torso, are meant to move fluidly with the body. They can be rearranged and disassembled and worn in numerous unique combinations.

The goal is distribution throughout the internet. Women around the world can print the items, wear all or parts of the cloth and be equipped with a ready means for self-defence on their bodies.

While Nitzan is working on open-sourcing the design for the self-defence wearable, she is also aware that wearing chainmail around the city should not be the solution to rape and sexual assault. The Bezalel Academy graduate hopes that the intimidating war-like garments will start discourses on women’s safety in urban centres.