"Intro to" by Mungo

This fluid, twinkling electronic track is the perfect introduction to the solo musical project of bassist, guitarist and DJ, Simon Lee aka Mungo.

Track of the Week “Intro to” by Mungo is just that – a great entrée to what Simon Lee aka Mungo is capable of. Beginning with illuminated waves under digital dial-up/80s video game flourishes, suddenly a more organic guitar finds its way between the notes like audible sunshine on water. The most astonishing thing of all is how the track manages to fuse such obviously polar opposites in making noise, turning them into frequencies that complement each other in an extremely fluid way. Prepare for your inner child to be reawakened in this one, the warm harp-like twinklings triggering pangs of nostalgia.

Mungo is Lee's solo musical project. The bassist and guitarist for Cape Town-based outfit BOOKLUB, he is also one of half of DJ duo EE EE along with Nic Preen of sunshine rockers Al Bairre. Finding its beginnings in early 2013, Mungo’s EP The World According to Mungo is a melange of live instrumentation and electronics, which embraces dreamy guitar twangs accompanied by synthetic arcade-like sounds. Lee elicited the talents of Caitie Weare and Amy Lester, who created artwork for each of the tracks on the EP.