Interior tracings at London2011

Nendo’s installation for Established & Sons uses copies of London maps to interpret the brand’s vision of a creative London.

Japanese designers Nendo designed an installation at the headquarters of Established & Sons, which can be viewed during the London Design Festival.

The project with Nendo is part of range of collaborations Established & Sons are doing under the title “My London”. It also coincides with the launch of the brand’s seventh catalogue.

For the installation at the Established & Sons headquarters and showroom Nendo attached square crumpled fragments of London maps to the showroom walls, in interpreting their vision of creative London. The papers are arranged in dense clusters but become less towards the edges of the space.

Nendo was inspired by images of London as the “city of fog” and recreated this with hundreds of pictures of 16 London maps, placed from floor to ceiling in the exhibition space.

The “fog” also embraces some of the pieces from Established & Sons current collection with new 2011 products places on plinths to improve the flow in the space.