Interactive robot helps disabled children develop

Leka, the robot that changes the way children with developmental disorders learn, play and interact.

Leka, a United States company, have come up with an interactive robot that facilitates learning in children with disabilities. The multi-sensory smart toy offers children with special needs the ability to play fun and educational games that motivate social interactions.

Equipped with multiple sensors, the Leka robot responds to a child’s interaction through autonomous behaviours. According to the company’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the smart toy turns red when it’s mistreated, a colour associated with sadness.

“Interactive responses like this aim to help children better understand social cues and improve their social skills,” writes the company.

Other pre-programmed actions are designed to give the child a sense of safety and peace of mind. “Leka offers a wide range of stimulations in a way that even children with restrictive areas of interest will find their own source of motivation,” explains the company.

The company adds that Leka would be used as a resource for parents and caregivers. It motivates interaction through multiplayer games, guides for daily tasks through pictograms displayed on its screen and vocal instructions.

“Leka helps parents, caregivers and therapists teach motor, cognitive, and emotional skills through play. Integrating Leka at home and in school will then help parents and therapists to stay connected,” reads the campaign.