Instant fix

The Bike Fixtation is like a vending machine for cyclists, where they can both fix their bikes and grab a snack for themselves.

In an era of instant gratification and where cycling is one of the most eco-friendly forms of transport, it makes a great load of sense to be able to easily and instantly fix one’s bicycle, while also grabbing a refreshment.

The recently installed Bike Fixtation kiosk in the Uptown Transit Station in Minneapolis in the USA, on one of the most used bicycle routes in the country. The initiative of Chad De Baker and Alex Anderson, Bike Fixtation is a vending machine that helps you sort out a flat tyre on your bike, make a minor adjustment and even supplies you with a snack.

At the Bike Fixtation you can also buy a tube or a patch kit, pump up your tyres for free, or use the supplied tools to do whatever it is that you need to do. Bike Fixtation helps cyclists to help themselves.