Inside and outside

Ineke Hans created striking indoor and outdoor design for the 2013 M°BA Fashion Biennale.

Ineke Hans’s prominent indoor and outdoor design for the 2013 M°BA Fashion Biennale in Arnhem in the Netherlands inspired a continuous theme throughout the event space. 

Studio | INEKEHANS designed signage, displays, ticket-offices, bookshops, pedestals, public seating and more for this year's M°BA Fashion Biennale Arnhem. As the 2013 event was dedicated to Fetishism in Fashion, curated by Li Edelkoort, Hans’s three-dimensional designs took on a striking and alluring motif.

For various locations and the M°BA lounge at Arnhem Central Station, Hans collaborated with flooring company Bolon to create a series of carpets. Starting in the lounge the carpets extended and led visitors to various event locations, creating a red carpet-like experience.

M°BA Fashion Biennale 2013 took place at five locations: M°BA Centraal, Eusebius Church, Burgers Zoo, Maruenburg and Zypendaal earlier this year. 

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