To infinity

A pop-up shop in Poland uses mirrors to create the illusion that the clothing space goes on forever.

Polish architects Super Super and Inside/Outside made clever use of mirrors to create the illusion that a pop-up shop in Warsaw, Poland, is much bigger than it really is.

The mirrors create the illusion that there endless rails of garments in this temporary store for clothing brand Zuo Corp. The “shop” is built inside a mobile office container and has lengths of LEDs around the edges of the walls. These lights work with the mirrors to form a infinite illuminated grid.

Interestingly, the dressing rooms in the pop-up shop have no mirrors inside, perhaps part of the “Alice in Wonderland” effect that the architects wanted to achieve. For them it is about introducing the visitor to another world.

The exterior of the container is completed black so before stepping inside there is no way of knowing what awaits, another effort at highlighting the surprise element of this shopping experience.