Indigo assertions

A South African artist is the youngest ever to hold a solo exhibition at the National Arts Club in New York.
Posted 1 Mar 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

The 24 year-old Conor Mccreedy has caught the attention of international curators, gallery owners, collectors and established artists across the world. And the proof lies in the fact that he has become the youngest artist in history to hold a solo exhibition at the National Arts Club in New York, a fixture in the New York art world, located in Gramercy Park.

Indigo Blue is Mccreedy’s newest collection, inspired by expressionism and the techniques used by painters of the 14th and 15th century. Back then artists used indigo blue pigments to challenge themselves with these restrictive materials, which were also believed to be of the purest form.

Mccreedy uses only rare indigo blue and periwinkle industrial pigments to create his somber and contemplative works. His work reflects a personal dialogue while incorporating notions of vulnerability. Particularly concerned with racial, sexual and social identities, it seeks to comment on these subjects in an intense and captivating way.

Selected works by Mccreedy will be exhibited at the In-Toto Art Gallery in Johannesburg from 11 March 2011, along with works by other local and international contemporary and historical artists. This exhibition will also mark the opening of this new art space.