Indian-inspired luxury

What do you do with a heritage rich, prime location in the heart of the Mother City? Turn it into a Taj hotel, of course.

Centrally located close to the Company Gardens and with a spectacular view of Table Mountain, the Taj Hotel in Cape Town is the epitome of luxury. And the interior design’s not half bad either.

The Taj Cape Town is the Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces’ first South African experiment with the interior done by James Park Associates Design Consultants (JPA).

A 17-storey wing was added to the orginal building which was once the South African Reserve Bank and the Board of Executors. The 166-room hotel also features conference facilities, cigar bar, oyster bar, three restaurants, a club lounge and a wellness area comprising a spa, gym and pool.

JPA was careful to retain some of the original architectural features, albeit by enhancing them. Luxury furnishings add the real glamour to the space while modern technology was discreetly integrated for extra comfort.

The hotel’s interior purposefully avoids any South African themes, choosing instead to include subtle references to its Indian custodian. One of the key objectives in the design was to make the strong, masculine architecture more accessible.