Immersive online museum campaigns for social and environmental issues

Using contemporary art, Art Works For Change inspires active engagement around environmental issues.

Art Works For Change is known for its international, travelling exhibitions that use contemporary art to address social and environmental issues. In order to reach a wider audience, the non-profit organisation has launched a two-part digital exhibition to inspire active engagement around environmental issues.

The word activism was not always associated with the internet. But through online awareness campaigns, crowdfunding initiatives, and social media, organisations have been able to harness the hours we spend on the internet and put them to good use.

“Because the ultimate objective of this exhibition is to create dialogue and inspire action, we wanted to make this project more accessible than ever before by taking it online,” says Art Works for Change Executive Director, Randy Rosenberg. “We believe that these artists are telling a vital story, because while climate change affects us all, we also have an equal opportunity to act.”

Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint made its debut on Earth Day this year. The two-part online exhibition features artwork from over 40 invited artists. Each artist in the exhibition presents a unique visual story that explores our delicate relationship with the natural world and the collective need to live within the means of one Earth.

The second part of the digital exhibition is presented in an interactive, immersive experience. The online museum includes deep-zoom viewing features that sometimes reveal hidden content, virtual tours, and an integrated social media campaign that allows viewers to take action immediately by pledging and sharing their commitments.

“Each artwork in the online exhibition is paired with a series of pledges, actions that individuals can take in their own lives to reduce their environmental impact,” writes the organisation.

View the full body of work here

Alexis Rockman - Newtown Creek
Julie Heffernan - Self Portrait Moving Out
Laura Ball - Growing Pains
Verne Dawson - Massacre of the Little People by the Big People
Edward Burtynsky - Nickel Tailings