Hybrid seating

PearsonLloyd's Bay Chair looks to the changing environment of the workplace and offers a practical solution.

Offices aren’t what they used to be. For one, flexible working strategies are now often the norm, rather than the exception.

This, together with more of a focus on teamwork and collaboration in the workplace, means that our seating needs in this environment have also changed.

Enter PearsonLloyd with their new Bay Chair for Bene. Adaptable and versatile, the chair speaks to the blurring line between work-life and home-life and adapts accordingly. And then there’s the confident visual statement the chair makes.

"We have chosen not to constrain ourselves to the traditional chair type of 'executive', 'task' and 'side chair'. We are trying to find different product typologies that respond more closely to the needs of the people who are using them," says Tom Lloyd.

The freedom of movement and relaxed posture that the chair allows for makes it ideal for the more informal environment. Think reading, working on your laptop or talking on the phone.

Customised design possibilities for the Bay Chair include having it in fabric or leather and choosing from a selection of colours. The bottom of the chair is available in either off-white or dark grey.

The Bay Chair was on display at Clerkenwell Design Week 2013

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