Humanihut addresses refugee shelter crisis with quick-to-assemble design

Australian-based startup develops a prefab living unit with all important amenities included

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The amount of displaced people in host countries is only escalating but innovative and practical design thinking can help address prominent issues such as the failure to accommodate the thousands of immigrants entering refugee camps every day. To provide an immediate shelter solution, Australian startup Humanihut has developed an emergency living unit that can be assembled in a matter of minutes. 
The Humanihut is more than a sheltered space, the prefabricated system incorporates ablution facilities, beds, electricity and a laundry service into a standard shipping container. One unit is able to accommodate 16 people and is easily transportable, meaning an entire village can be set up in a couple of hours. 
The containers measure 7.3 metres in length and the roof comes with integrated solar panels. Its walls house insulated panels that maintain a comfortable inside temperature all year round. To prevent the contraction of water-borne diseases in the camps, Humanihut is built with an internal water purification system and heating and electrical outlets. 
One of the most important factors of the compact steel shelter is its durability. Residents can rely on the shelter for up to 20 years, which is significantly more than most of the temporary alternatives and tents that currently house refugees. Humanihut estimates that after an initial investment, its shelters could spare a lot of money currently being spent on makeshift camps and ineffective housing solutions.