How tech and social media can connect a family

A grandfather learns how to use Instagram to send drawings to his grandchildren living abroad.

At the 2015 Loerie Awards last week, communication designer at Facebook Ji Lee gave a talk about using tech to connect people and generations. In the presentation, Lee told a story of his parents struggle with technology, describing the difficulties of getting his mother to capture decent photos of his father’s artwork and post them on Instagram. The father and son live in different parts of the world – the designer calls New York his home and his father lives in Brazil. When Lee’s baby was born his dad came to stay and Lee saw it as an opportunity to teach him to understand and use Instagram himself.

Now that Lee senior is adept at using the social platform, he uses it as a way of connecting with his grandchildren. On his Instagram account Drawings for my Grandchildren, he regularly posts his own drawings and paintings of his grandchildren or the things they enjoy. The feed reads as a personal ode to his family, which underscores the humanness of digital communication.

“Toys left by my grandchildren before they left Korea. Do you remember Arthur and Allan?”
“My grandchildren Astro’s feet”
“My two grandchildren used to jump rope all the time. Have they become champs now?”
“Arthur and Allan”
“Lego glasses made by Arthur”
“Stylish Astro”

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