Hoopy: A DIY craft bicycle made of wood

A modern DIY bicycle that is convenient for adults of every size and height.
The Hoopy
The Hoopy

Out with the greasy, heavy traditional bicycle and in with its new, sturdy, wooden replacement. It might sound like the Hoopy is going backwards in its design but its lightweight frame claims to be easily constructed, adaptable and flexible as well as eye-catching. Sold by European company Wooden Widget, Hoopy also adds a DIY element to the creation of your new ride.

 The one-size-fits-all, self-build bicycle is sold as a set of instructions, which walk the new owners through the entire process, from buying the plywood to constructing the frame. The plan is then used to build a bike based on the owner’s personality or the how the owner imagines its design.

The user cuts their own shapes and decides where the seat will be placed. The frame can be marked, cut and glued together using basic tools.

Once completed, the Hoopy weighs between 12 and 14 kilogrammes and can carry up to 200 kilogrammes.With its unique long seat, the Hoopy carries two passengers and and has potential to carry tools, groceries and spare tires.

Most of the products used to build the Hoopy can be found at local stores or stripped off an old bicycle. Within two days, even a woodwork novice can have a Hoppy of their own.

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