Home system converts kitchen waste into energy

This HomeBiogas system is targeted at average families looking to turn their waste into energy.

Israeli company HomeBiogas have engineered a DIY, off-the-grid biogas system targeted at the average family. The system treats both food waste and animal manure, producing clean cooking gas for 3 meals and 10 litres of clean natural liquid fertilizer daily.

Biogas is a renewable fuel that is produced by the decomposition of organic matter in an environment absent of oxygen. The world is looking more and more to off-the-grid solutions to fight pollution, the energy crisis, and health problems associated with the use of unsafe cooking methods. With its Indiegogo, crowdfunding campaign, HomeBiogas hopes to turn waste into power by creating an in-house cycle of energy.

The HomeBiogas system comes in an easy to assemble, DIY-kit. It is targeted at the suburban market where it is able to slot seamlessly into the home’s existing energy network in on and off the grid homes.

Using 1 kilogram of food waste, a family can produce around 200 litres of gas, which can fuel an hour’s worth of cooking over a high flame. This helps eliminate one ton of organic waste each year. 

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