Home and heart

Show that home is where the heart is with a sustainable concept for the Eco Design Competition.

Design your heart out and show that home is where the heart is with the Eco Design Competition 2011.

South African creatives are invited to submit their ideas and concepts for sustainable designs that contribute to our social, environmental and economic wellbeing,

Themed “home is where the heart is”, the competition considers the earth to be the common home that we all share. It is important to look after this home by designing and creating products and services that ensure harmonious developments.

By applying our creative capacity it is believed that we will be able to shape our environments in a way that is sustainable. The 2011 Eco Design Competition aims to bring home the message that sustainability in design is more than just product specific: it encompasses our methodology, mindset, actions, motivations, materials and significance in totality.

Competition entries can approach the home theme from a micro or macro perspective.  To enter, designers should submit detailed concept presentations of innovative, sustainable solutions that may span various contemporary design fields from product, communication and surface design (wall, floor or any other surfaces) to systems, services and interactive design as well as large-scale systematic design.

For more details on the competition, visit their website.