History meets science

Ross Lovegrove's latest creation calls for a moment where scientific endeavour and human consciousness meet.
Posted 29 Oct 12 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Holding all viewers in a dialogue with the extraordinary forces of speed and light, Ross Lovegrove’s Future Primitivism/Instinctive Overide conceptualises a car like never before.

With the help of an Italian engineering laboratory, Lovegrove gained valuable insight into the technology and shape behind this popular means of transport.

A series of sketches done by the British designer are merged together and projected through a video using colourful light beams to reveal the outline of a car. The length and width of the light beams vary to capture the illusion of movement. Audio sounds are played around the car to further strengthen the idea and sensation of speed.

Inspired by Lovegrove’s deep-rooted interest in primitive forms that are able to move and enchant people without an explanation, Future Primitivism/Instinctive Overide allows for a moment where a scientific quest is confronted by human consciousness resulting in the freedom of creative thinking.

My interest in the nature of form, its purpose and evolution has led me to a place where art, design, science and technology converge in this installation, says Lovegrove.

The creation sees its shape, air, lights and space around it so unified that together they become indistinguishable to humans.  

Future Primitivism/Instinctive Overide was designed for the 2012 edition of Biennale Interieur in Belgium.