Happens over a cuppa

Few things clear the mind like a cup of tea. Saatchi & Saatchi take this idea further for the UCT Graduate School of Business.

Good ideas, inspiration or even that “a-ha moment” often happens over a cup of tea, when you’re having a short break.

Looking to the magic things that can happen over a cuppa Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town created a concept for the UCT Graduate School of Business for their Executive Education Courses.

Titled “PossibiliTeas”, the concept is based on the school’s platform for “Full Colour Thinking” and invites people to see the unexpected possibilities in the business world by opening their minds.

Saatchi & Saatchi created a Tea Chest where every colourful teabag has an inspirational “Thought Starter” on the back. When the Tea Chest is opened, the user is greeted with the message:

“With adventurous minds, possibilities flow. Where that journey takes us, no one knows. But if you’re stumped, simply take a break – a most satisfying cup of tea awaits. And who knows what terrific idea might strike. For this is a moment, enterprising brains most like!”

The Tea Chest contains nine different tea variants by local merchant Mingwei Tsai. The Thought Starters on these teas include: “Make time to imagine impossible things”, “Change your point of view. Imagine you are your problem” and “Make a list and tackle the last thing on the list first”.