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A tree is a product of its specific time and place.

From the Series

A tree is a product of its specific time and place. It reacts and develops according to its surroundings and constantly records various environmental impacts in its growth process. Each single tree tells its own story of development. The goal of mischer’traxler’s The Idea of a Tree project was to bring the recording qualities of a tree and its dependence on natural cycles into products.

The Idea of a Tree is an autonomous production process that combines natural input with a mechanical process. It is driven by solar energy and directly translates the intensity of the sun through a mechanical apparatus into one object a day. After sunset, the finished object can be harvested. The outcome reflects the various sunshine conditions that occur during this day – in summer more daylight translates into a taller product. Like a tree, the object becomes a three-dimensional recording of its process and time of creation.

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