Green Product: The Su first aid tool helps prevent choking

The simple Su first aid tool can help prevent a person who has fainted or had a fit from choking on their tongue.

When a person faints, the human body slackens and falls to the ground. When this happens the tongue slackens too and can get stuck in the throat. This blocks the air supply of the lungs and the person is at serious risk of suffocating. The Su first aid tool consists of a rubber bellows and a plastic tip. The compression of the bellows creates a vacuum, which sucks the tongue to the plastic tip, allowing the tongue to be pulled out of the way of the wind pipe easily and safely.

The Su first aid tool was designed by designed by Alexander Röhring, a student at ecosign/Akademie für Gestaltung in Köln, Germany. 

Su is was one of the pre-selected Green Product Awards nominees, and was presented to a live audience at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in mid-February 2016. 

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